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Adiyaman Branch

9 February No-Smoking Day Activities

A march was organized on 9 February with Adıyaman Youth Sports City Council and City National Education Depertment.

31 May World Quit-Smoking Days
During the 31 May World Quit Smoking Day, a ceremony was held with the Governor, Mayor, Chief of Police, Garrison Commander, Consultancy Research Center Director and students. After the eceremony, the speakers gave presentations to students about the harmful effects of smoking. A short play was also performed about the harms of smoking.

During the 31 May World Quit Smoking Day, the imams of the city gave lectures about the dangers of smoking on the Friday prayer.


Conferances were held in towns of the Adıyaman about the dangers of smoking.

Adıyaman Youth City Council invited us to give presentations to the members of the Council on harmful effects of smoking.


A Theater Play Was Organized By Our Association To Explain The Dangers Of Smoking