History of Tobacco


Christophe Colombus and his friends left the harbor of Barcelona, Spain on 12 October 1492. When they arrived to the San Salvador Island in Cuba, they thought of the natives as “Indians”. They were mostly impressed by the wooden pipes they held in their mouths, which created smoke coming out of their noses. They soon found out that it was the dried tobacco leaves that created the smoke.  Their arriving at Bahama island -which is placed in homeland of tobacco Cuba right now- had led old world people affected by tobacco.

In the picture, you can see a tobacco field.

Their journey to Cuba, which is homeland of tobacco, introduced the world to the tobacco plant.


The old world met with the tobacco when Christopher Colombus and his friends returned to Barcelona in 1493 with wooden smoking pipes.

Tobacco consumption boosted rapidly after people started to use it as a source of pleasure. In some countries, prohibition took effect for some reasons. In 1575, smoking was forbidden in American and Spanish churches. In 1603, Jacgue the first, the King of Britain, taught against smoking tobacco while smoking tobacco was forbidden in Japan beginning in 1620. Germany and Bavaria forbid smoking in 1652 and anti-smoking activities started in Saxony and Austria. In addition, tobacco was prohibited in Russia and Switzerland in 1634 and 1657 respectively. Although these anti-smoking legislations caused many people to be executed, people continued to smoke.

All the legislation failed to prevent the use of tobacco. Afterwards, governments realized the vast amount of income to be drawn from tobacco and promoted production and use of it. So they started to impose various taxes on tobacco and established concessions and monopolies.

Fransız Kraliçesinin baş ağrılarının giderilmesine iyi geldiği iddiası ile Fransız sarayındaki yerini korumuştur.

French Dr. Jean Nicot discovered nicotine, the major substance in tobacco. It is now named after Dr. Nicot. Even it was claimed that  it healed the Queen of France who was suffering from headaches

Cigarette is described as a visually contagious epidemic. Once you start smoking, it becomes serious addiction due to the various addiction-causing substances in it. We can observe some smokers develop similar behaviors. Even more, some secondary behaviors may be observed. Lighting ladies’ cigarettes, serving cigarettes to guests and giving it as a present are some of these habits and regarded as parts of culture.