Our Mission


In our day, smoking is among one of the biggest problems that humankind faces and which threatens human life and seriously damages health. Therefore, our association’s mission is to protect humankind against smoking, which is one of biggest problems that we face today. It also aims at eliminating the use of tobacco related products once and for all,  so in this respect, to fight against all related drugs. In addition, it has another mission to coordinate all the government and social facilities in order to reach these goals, to educate the public on the harms of tobacco products, to protect public health and create the grounds for everyone to live a healthy life. With this point of view, it also fights with every kind of drugs.

Its primary activity is to coordinate all people from various walks of life who will contibute to these goals through using every legal means in order to survive in this struggle and take part in educating and awareness raising activities. Our main target is to protect human health and provide people with a healthy environment so as to more fully live.

Our other missions are preventing children and adults, who hasn’t started smoking yet, from starting against the smoking addiction which raises everyday; preventing second hand smoking for non-smokers and the ones who has quitted; encouraging smokers to quit and helping the ones who want to quit; protecting people from tobacco’s harms primarily children and teenagers; continuing the struggle until tobacco and smoking are completely eliminated from our lives.