World Stop Smoking Day

20 November Stop Smokıng Day / 27 November 2013

On the occasion of “20 November Stop Smoking Day” the Turkish Anti Smoking Association organized a press conference on 27 November 2013 at Metrocity AVM. President Dr. Mustafa Aydın, TSSD Executive Board member and Artisit Yonca Evcimik, Board Member and artist Zeliha Sunal, our Board member Selçuk Alagöz and the producer and host of TV program ‘Calar Saat’ Fatih Portakal attended the press conference as speakers.  They all gave very important and valuable information to the press about the many harms of smoking.President Dr. Aydın also mentioned that they are very concerned about the second hand smoking victims, who are indirectly put into great harms against their will.

20 November Stop Smoking Day / 2 December 2012

On 2 December 2012, between 10:00-13:00, we walked starting from Galatasaray High School to Taksim Square with the participation of 500 people including the members of Turkish Anti Smoking Association, students and National Athletes of Istanbul Aydin University. The “20 November Stop Smoking Walk” activity ended with the speech of our Chairman Dr. Mustafa Aydin and Vice Governor Ahmet Deniz at the Taksim Square.

20 November Stop Smoking Day / Year of 2008

2008 “World Anti-smoking Day” activity was held in Optimum Shopping Center with the participation of many people from several areas such as science, arts, and sports. A press conference was also held.

20 November Stop Smoking Day / Year of 2007

The 2007 theme of the 20 November, “Anti-Smoking Day”s theme was “the education of smoking to the children and youth”. This theme is determined by WHO every year. An event was held in Cevahir Shopping Center on 20th November 2007 for the “World Anti-Smoking Day”. Many People from the fields of science, sports, art and education who are against smoking were with us.

20 November Stop Smoking Day / Year of 2006

Many famous people and artists have participated in our activities on 20th November the World Quit Smoking Day. We have delivered  strong messages to public every year through this way.