About Us

Turkish Anti-Smoking Association is the first and only non-governmental organization established under the leadership of our president Mustafa Aydın in order to add a new dimension to the fight against smoking on April 22, 1999. Our association has taken important initiatives in our country and continues to achieve exemplary success in the world. Turkish Anti-Smoking Association is one of the top three non-governmental organizations in our country according to public opinion surveys done in the last ten years.

We will continue to fight until the last molecule of cigarette disappears, to organize awareness-raising activities to prevent children and young people to start smoking, and to organize events that encourages cigarette addicts to quit smoking.

In order to get rid of the deadly cigarette outbreak, we initiated the first step in our country by leading a serious struggle. Established to make and maintain realistic initiatives for dissolution, “TURKISH ANTI-SMOKING ASSOCIATION” has undertaken a social duty with the aim of publicizing the true face of tobacco products.