Ekovitrin “Non-Governmental Organization of the Year” Award

Turkısh- Anti Smoking Association was considered worthy  of honour as a result of a survey of 46 thousand 762 votes in total in the “Non-Governmental Organization of the Year Awards” organized by Ekovitrin Magazine. Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Bülent Arınç presented the award the President of our Association Dr. Mustafa Aydın.

“TSSD President Achievement Award”

  • “The President Achivement Award”presented by the Mustafa Demir, Fatih Mayır to the Dr.Mustafa Aydın, Chairman of the TSSD in the Award Ceremony.
  • Erol Kaya,Pendik Mayor presented the “TSSD President Achievement” award to the Dr. Mustafa Aydın in the awards ceremony organized by Pendik Municipality.

“Smokeless Lives Project Achievement Award”

At the awards ceremony organized by Bahçelievler Municipality, Mayor Osman Develioglu invited  and awarded to the Cahirman of our Association with”Smokeless Lives Project Achievement Award” .


“Civil Society Organization of the Year 2008” Award

Binali Yıldırım,is the president of Turkey presented the”2008 Year of the Civil Society Foundation” award to Dr.Mustafa Aydın, our Chairman of the association  at the ceremony held at Kultur University.


“Istanbul City Council Award”

Former President of the Istanbul, Kadir Topbas was awarded the “Istanbul City Council Award”to Mustafa Aydın  at the award ceremony held at the Polat Hotel.


“Best Non-Governmental Organization Award of 2007”

HABER1 was awarded as the Best Non-Governmental Organization of the Year Award to our association.


“The Struggle Againist the Harmful Habits” Award

Minister of Interior Abdulkadir Aksu awarded the Dr. Mustafa Aydın with  “The Struggle Againist the Harmful Habits Award” in Cemal Reşit Rey Hall,2007.

“Golden Quality Award”

The United Nations World Health Organization European office opted the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association as one of Europe’s most successful six organizations for their efforts for the prevention of making hidden advertising during sports events of the cigarette companies in ceremony held in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia in May 31, 2002