President Message

Our Society Deserves A Healthy Life
“Smoking is harmful for our health” is a popular saying and slogan which is highly-esteemed in society. When we question this saying on what scales it reflects the truth, we will see that it is just a slogan just made up to hide the real harm of smoking and to make it seem more innocent than it really is. Due to smoking only in our country 115 thousand people die every year, besides 5.5 million people all over the world also dies at very early ages every year. That means every six seconds a person dies and becomes the victim of cigarette smoking.

From our limited sources, 22 billion TL is spent on smoking every year in addition to 10 billion TL that is also spent to treat the illnesses caused by smoking which totally amounts 32 billion TL. These losses, in terms of loss of life and property in our country, are equivalent to the damage which can be caused by four Gölcük/ Marmara earthquakes every year which means that is about one tenth of our 2010 budget. The money which is spent in order to seperate and disintegrate this country is received more than its real value by means of cigarette and smoking. We have to acknowledge that we waste not only our country but also our right to live, which are the most precious values in life for us, by means of smoking.

If you quit smoking through seeing the realities which are mentioned above, and also the ones we couldn’t mention, you will certainly be aware of the fact that every single Turkish citizen should support the people who fight against smoking. In that occasion, we should rather change our social slogan which is related to smoking as:

“Smoking is a trap which is set against our happiness, our right to live, and also our future. It is the biggest enemy to our lives. It kills us or it certainly causes misery.”

Dr. Mustafa AYDIN
President of Turkish Anti-Smoking Association