Istanbul Aydin University organized its traditional Ramadan meal at Halit Aydin Campus stayed in Florya where almost 1500 guests were invited and unity and solidarity messages were spread during the meeting. / 15 Haziran 2017

İAU started its educational life in 2003 as carrying one one’s works in the direction of its goals for contributing in higher education and brought delegates of business, politics, local governments, civil society organisations, educational and media companies together at the traditional Ramadan meal.Former EU Minister Egemen Bağış, Istanbul Ak Party member of the parliament Feyzullah Kıyıklık, Mayor of Küçükçekmece Temel Karadeniz, President of İAU Dr. Mustafa Aydın and Rector of IAU Prof. Yadigar Izmirli , academicians and 15000 guests  have attended traditional Ramadan meal which was organized by AKEV at IAU campus.

Dr. Mustafa Aydın “We need unity and solidarity more than before”

President of IAU DR. Mustafa Aydın has said “it makes me feel honored to see you in unity and solidarity at Ramadan meal. The world need unity and solidarity more than ever. Everyone is tested by compassion. IAU was build its manifesto by unity and solidarity. If we can’t provide unity and solidarity at university which works as a science center, how can we ensure peace both in the world and in our country? Sultan Alparslan, Sultan Fatih and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk have reached their target via idea of solidarity and unity. As a university with 40.000 students we have to provide the unity. We need to bunch up.  Separation destroy us. We should appreciate various thoughts to provide peace and togetherness. We can’t have the edge on somebody with having property. We can only be superior with our moral and honor.

“We will raise good person in this geography”

Dr. Mustafa AYDIN has expressed “with your material and spiritual contribution Istanbul Aydin University has reached the first and pioneering success. During 14 years since our establishment, We provide added value on Turkey’s science, education and economy with 16 faculties and college, 3 institutes, 2 UNESCO Chairs, 29 research centers and 165 application laboratories, almost 4.000 international students out of 40.000 in total and more than 2.000 academic and administrative staff. We will not be willing to settle for these works. We will speed up quality, research, patent and branding work with 4.0 İndustry revaluation. We have been taking firm steps forwards to our goals which targets to be a world university as a higher education institution

 “İf we share we are full, if we separete we disseppear”

Giving a speech Ramadan meal; Mayor of Küçükçekmece Temek Karadeniz has wished fruitfulness for all people in these holly days. Former Minister of EU Egemen Bağış has expressed “As Yunus Emre said” İf we share, we are full, if we separate, we disappear” we should know worth of our country’s unity and solidarity.

”The way of unity and solidarity goes through science and knowlage’

Expressing Ramadan as a sharing month Ak Party Istanbul parliamentarian Feyzullah Kıyıklık” in these days, Islam World has in big troubles. Since 50 year Islam World has been losing blood. Both pressure from other countries and being unable to unite in Islam World cause these troubles. These separations root in lack of knowledge and education. We couldn’t catch technology that World caught. We fight

Istanbul Aydın University’s Traditional Iftar Dinner / June 20, 2016

Istanbul Aydın University’s Traditional Iftar Dinner took place at Florya Campus.

This year’s traditional iftar dinner which is organized during every Ramadan has taken place. Faculty and administrative staff as well as many invitees from business, politics and media world attended the dinner.

Former EU Minister Egemen Bağış, AK Party Istanbul Representative Feyzullah Kıyıklık, Kucukcekmece Municipality Mayor Temel Karadeniz, Former governor of Istanbul Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, Former Mayor of Kucukcekmece Aziz Yeniay attended the dinner. Dr. Mustafa Aydin said, “We are very happy to gather with our friends during such a holy month. Our university had a long way in a short time. We appreciate your support during our journey.”

Mentioning that he is addressing the guests on behalf of Istanbul Aydın University’s staff and students, Dr. Mustafa Aydın said, “You have given us honor and strenght. We have established close relations with our staff at the cafeteria, security personel, our rector, deans, faculty staff, administrative staff. We have become the largest foundation university in Turkey. I apreciate the hard work of our staff for their services.”

“ We have gathered under the roof of a university with 38,000 students, 3,000 academics, 3,500 international students, 15 faculties and vocational schools, 3 institutes, 28 research centers, 200 academic programs and collaborations with over 500 world universities. We have become one of the leading universities in our country with 30,000 graduates and technology in medical field, over 50 laboratories. We have achieved this by knowing how we got here. Our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and ministers, representatives, governors, mayors, presidents of NGOs, our staff have supported us on our journey to this success.”

Feyzullah Kıyıklık, AK Party Representative said, “ We are very pleased to be here. It is very important for universities to organize such events during Ramadan. I congratulate Dr. Mustafa Aydin. He has built a great school after many difficulties. I wish everyone a Happy Ramadan.”

Istanbul Aydın University’s Iftar Dinner. / July 13, 2015

Istanbul Aydın University’s traditional Iftar Dinner took place with the participation of Istanbul Aydın University President Dr. Mustafa Aydın, Kucukcekmece District Governor Harun Kaya, AK Party Istanbul Representative Feyzullah Kıyıklı and Rector Prof. Dr. Yadigâr İzmirli.      

Speaking at Istanbul Aydın University’s İftar Dinner, Dr. Mustafa Aydın said, “We are in peace on this beautiful summer night, a special night of Ramadan. Nevertheless we deeply feel the pain of millions of hungry and homeless people who have lost their children or parents in this region from East Turkistan to Balkans, from the Middle East to Africa.”

The Turkish Anti-Smoking Association’s Traditional Iftar Was Held At Istanbul Aydin University. / July 21, 2014

Many important public figures attended the annual iftar of IAU, which is held every year during the month of Ramadan at Halit Aydin Florya Campus.
President Dr. Mustafa Aydin, Kucukcekmece Governor Harun Kaya, former culture minister Ismail Kahraman, former Kucukcekmece Mayor Aziz Yeniay and IAU Rector Prof. Dr. Yadigar Izmirli were among the few who attended the event at IAU’s traditional iftar dinner. Dr. Mustafa Aydin spoke at the annual Iftar, “we are sharing Ramadan’s mercy, fertility and happiness with you here today. However, we receive news of deaths and massacres in the Islamic world, which hurts our hearts. The things they went through such as loss of their children, loss of their mothers and fathers, unfortunately inhibit the feeling of happiness and beauty of the iftar conveys.”
In his speech Dr. Aydin mentioned that this geography has been robbed of their right to live and that the world is doing nothing to stop this. He also added, ” We, as Istanbul Aydin University, do not discriminate our 28,000 students against race, religion or whichever sect they belong to.” He also said that people of different religions, languages and races have lived peacefully in this country for centuries and will continue to live like brothers and sisters tomorrow as well.
“We, as a nation and as an institution, have never had or will have any conflict with any of the races or religions which we lived together for centuries. However, today we have to think about the suffering that is going on in the world. As the owners of this nation we have to stop the bloodshed that is going on in our geography today”
Many guests besides the academic and administrative personnel were invited to the Iftar which was held in the university’s Florya campus. At the end of the program Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu honored the event with his visit.

Traditional Ramadan Dinner At Istanbul Aydin University / 30 July 2013

The traditional Ramadan dinner was held by the Turkish Smoking Association at Istanbul Aydin University on Florya Campus on June 30,2013.
TSSD President Dr. Mustafa Aydın, Board Members, Volunteers and our friends from the politics, business, media and art world attended the event.
After dinner, the night continued with Sufi music and whirling Show.

Traditional Ramadan Dinner At Avrasya Hospital / 24 July 2013

Turkish Anti-Smoking Association President Dr. Mustafa Aydin attended iftar meal which was organized by Avrasya Hospital on June 24,2013.
Chairman of Avrasya Hospital and general surgeon Dr.Hüseyin Urlu hosted the iftar meal for the President of Turkish Anti-smoking Association Dr. Mustafa Aydın, members of the association and winner of Nobel Peace Prize and Chairman of Istanbul Aydın University Center for Global Peace and Democracy Tevekkül Karman.
After the dinner, Chairman of Avrasya Hospital and general surgeon Dr. Urlu Turkish Anti-smoking Association President Dr. Mustafa Aydın, winner of Nobel Peace Prize and President of Istanbul Aydın University Center for Global Peace and Democracy Tevekkül Karman gave speeches about harms of smoking.

Iftar Dinner Without Cigarette / 16 August, 2012

The traditional Ramadan dinner was held by the Turkish Anti Smoking Association at the Baltalimanı Portaxe Restaurant on 16 August, 2012.
TSSD President Dr.Mustafa Aydın,Board Members and Volunteers,as well as into the political,business,Media and Art World names.Istanbul Deputy Governor Ahmet Deniz,Dependent on Tobacco and the Constructive Materials Branch Manager Mustafa Karakadıkoğlu,Istanbul Public Health Deputy Director Mecit Alemdar,Istanbul Aydın University Rector Prof .Dr.Yadigar Izmirli,Chairman of Simit Sarayı Haluk Okutur,Model Didem Taslan,Artist Cem Kurtoğlu and Umut Akyürek,Singer Tayfun,Artist Ahmet Selçuk İlkan and server names such as Yelda Koparan took part in this special invitation.
After the Traditional Ramadan Dinner TSSD President Dr.Mustafa Aydın; since 1999 ,this special goes a long way with people who told us that they recieved.Mr.Aydın was prepared by the Association and supported by law in our country,it is important that something has changed about the Anti-smoking results and expressed that.
Istanbul Deputy Governer Ahmet Deniz is very positive results in this struggle TURKISH ANTI-SMOKING ASSOCIATION wholeheartedly supports the war, he said. After dinner guests conversation continued with Sufi music and whirling Show.

The Ramadan Dinner of Istanbul Aydin University / 14 Ağustos 2011

Huseyin Avni Mutlu who is Governor of Istanbul, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Esen who is General Sekreter of the Presidency of a Republic, a lot of formely, Director of Education and members of Board and Executive were held the ramadan dinners on 14 August 2011 in Istanbul Aydin University.

The Ramadan Dinner / 19 August 2010

The traditional Ramadan dinner was held by the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association at the Titanic Port Hotel on 19 August, 2010

The Ramadan Dinner / 2009

Turkish Anti-Smoking Association has brought all the members together at Ramadan dinners every year. The Ramadan dinner of 2009 was held at Dedeman Istanbul Hotel.

The Ramadan Dinner / 22 September 2008

The traditional Ramadan dinner was held by the association at the Station Music Hall on 22 September, 2008

The Ramadan Dinner / 8 Ocotober 2007

A Ramadan dinner was also organized with the contribution of Dr. Mustafa Aydin, the President of Turkish Anti-Smoking Association and the Board of Director and Executive Board Members at Kalender Officer’s Club on 8 October, 2007.