Brunches / 6 July 2013

Turkish Anti-Smoking Association President Dr. Mustafa Aydın hosted a breakfast meeting for the Members and Board of the Association.
A breakfast was held in Tepekent Recreational Facilities of Istanbul Aydın University on 6th July 2013 with the participation of Deputy Governor of İstanbul Mr. Kazım Tekin, Turkish Anti-Smoking Association President Dr. Mustafa Aydın and the members of the association.
During the breakfast, Duman Avcıları Project, which aims to prevent children and young people from smoking and is supported by Association Center of Financial Support Committee of The Ministry of Interior, was discussed. The activities of Anti-Smoking Association in 2013 were evaluated and some important decisions were taken about the activities of Turkish Anti-Smoking Association that will take place in 2014.

Brunches /20 December 2009

Dr. Mustafa Aydin, The President Of the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association organized a brunch with the association members at Sarayburnu Military Facilities on 20 December, 2009.
We organized a seminar and lunch about “Smoking and Beauty” for the Woman’s Day on 8 March with the Executive Board Chairman of our association Nezihe Timur at Ponte Restaurant. Cosmeticians from Loreal Cosmetics and Vira Cosmetics also joined the seminars.
We were together with our Executive Board Member and also the wife of our Governor, Neval Guler, Turkish National Assembly Health Committee Chairman Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdol, Administrative Board Members, Executive Board Members and with our Anti-Smoking Friends at Sarayburnu Military Facilities.