World Non-Smoking Days

‘True Friends of Humanity’ Awards were Given / 4 May 2017

‘The Turkish Anti-Smoking Association President Aydın said “Even if the number of the smokers in Turkey dropped from 27 million to 21 million, unfortunately, the age to start smoking dropped till 12 because of the traps set. We must be on the alert.”

The Awards Ceremony of “True Friends of Humanity” organized by The Turkish Anti-Smoking Association this year took place in Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall.

During the night, taking the floor Mr. Aydın expressed that the awards ceremony means a thank for the persons and institutions supporting the association’s anti-smoking campaigns during the year and Turkey spends 25 billion dollars on cigarette every year.

Aydın also said that 15 % of cigarette consumption in Turkey is illegal, “I leave it to your understanding what it means. The 80 % of smokers die of cardiovascular diseases at a very early age.  Even if the number of the smokers of Turkey dropped from 27 million to 21 million, unfortunately, the age to start smoking dropped till 12 because of the traps set. We must be on the alert. The buffets near our schools and houses selling single cigarette to teenagers poison rising generations mentally. Besides, nargile cafes became popular. However, nargile is more dangerous and harmful than smoking. Even if we do not think of ourselves, we must think of the young brilliant next generations.”

Previous Minister of European Union and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış expressed that it is really significant to have a President who is ambitious to fight against smoking and said:

“ He strives for making people non-smokers on every occasion. Both smokers and non-smokers know that smoking is dangerous and knowingly they damage themselves. So, we have to raise more consciousness.  This is our common struggle, we need to fight against it together.”

On behalf of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey, Dr Abdullah Emre Güner, Director of Istanbul Public Health, Rector of Health Sciences University Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl, District Governor of Esenyurt Ekrem İnci, Journalist Tayyar Işıksaçan, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Chairman Advisor Prof. Dr. Erman Tuncer and Rector of Amasya University Prof. Dr. Metin Orbay were awarded with “True Friends of Humanity” during the ceremony.

Instead of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Hospital Prof Dr Ayhan Verit and Assoc Dr Hacer Kuzu Okur, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Tayfun Karali, World Free Diving Recorder Derya Can, Bonne Vie Magazin Review Chairman Hakan Solaker, Habertürk Corner Article Ceyda Erenoğlu, Buldan Municipality President Mustafa Gülbay and Aegean President Hüseyin Reşit Öz received the “Thanks” award.

Rector of Health Sciences University Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl, District Governor of Esenyurt Ekrem İnci, Journalist Tayyar Işıksaçan, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Chairman Advisor Prof. Dr. Erman Tuncer and Rector of Amasya University Prof. Dr. Metin Orbay were awarded with “True Friends of Humanity” during the ceremony.

Besides, developed by the Association’s coorganization with Ministry of National Education, awards of “Inter- High Schools Smokefree Stories Short Film Tournament” under the thema of “Tobacco-free Life” were given.

During the ceremony, students of İstanbul Aydın University, Anadolu Bil Vocational High School, Fashion and Design Program made a fashion show. Leading figures of fashion world attended to the fashion show titled as “A Touch to Agean”.

Besides, second year students of the same university’s Hair Care and Aesthetic Services Program presented their “Illusion Make-up” study, which they developed for graduation project.

As well as Previous Minister of Health Bülent Akarcalı, many guests attended to the ceremony.

Mustafa Aydın: “Cigarettes should be put under the counters” / May 31, 2016

 For World No Tobacco Day 2016 on May 31, 2016, World Health Organization and the Secretariat of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control are calling on all countries to get ready for plain (standardized) packaging of tobacco products.

Plain packaging of tobacco products restricts or prohibits the use of logos, colors, brand images and promotional information on packaging other than brand and product names displayed in a standard color and font style.

Turkish Anti-Smoking Association president and Istanbul Aydin University president Dr. Mustafa Aydin pointed out that the main reason for increasing death and cancer is cigarette consumption. He also underscored the need to have new packaging and added, “We must implement plain packaging just like Ireland and Australia with enlarged health warnings and pictures and until we do so, cigarette packages must be put under the counter away from anybody’s sight.”

“National Tobacco Control Program Action Plan plans to enact plain packaging in 2015 and was emphasized to put into effect and be implemented by related departments and institutions on Presidential Circular on Official Gazette dated January 2015 and numbered 29249.”

“ Every hour the number of individuals getting cancer is increasing because we have been too slow to implement plain packaging into law despite directives issued by the President and Prime Minister and it appears in 2015 National Tobacco Control Program Action Plan. We will do anything we can to put this law into effect as the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association.”

True Friends of Humanity Awards Announced / May 2, 2016

True Friends of Humanity Awards, traditional award ceremony organized by Turkish Anti-Smoking Association given to individuals and institutions who support association’s fight against cigarette, are announced. Taken place at Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall, Kucukcekmece Mayor Temel Karadeniz who fought against addiction with his projects has received the award.

Istanbul Deputy Mayor Hasan Ozturk, Turkish Anti-Smoking Association President Dr. Mustafa Aydin, 20th term parliament representative Ahmet Feyzi Inceoz, Kucukcekmece District Governor Harun Kaya, Kucukcekmece AKP provincial director Mustafa Korkut, Kucukcekmece Deputy Mayor and the members of the assembly attended the ceremony.

“Fight Against Tobacco Initiated Very Late in Our County”

Deputy mayor Ozturk said that the fight against cigarette consumption initiated very late in our country but we have come a long way during the last few years. “ NGOs have a great contribution in this achievement. We have new regulations and implementations in fight against cigarette. In Istanbul, nearly 350,000 cigarette inspections are conducted.”

“110,000 people dies each year”

Expressing that they award those who work the hardest in fight against cigarette, Turkish Anti-Smoking Association President Dr. Mustafa Aydin said, “We are giving these awards to eight people. Cigarette is the 21st century’s plague. 110,000 people die each year because of cigarette smoking. Our youth need to see the true face of cigarette and not start smoking.”

“I Have Never Smoked in My Life”

Mentioning that he has never smoked, Kucukcekmece Mayor Temel Karadeniz said, “ Not smoking is the greatest award for humanity. I think we will look at the pictures of cigarette smokers 50 years from now and wonder how they smoked and had a habit of inhailing such poison.”

After the speeches the award ceremony took place and Kucukcekmece Mayor Temel Karadeniz received his award from Istanbul Deputy Mayor Hasan Ozturk and Turkish Anti-Smoking Association President Dr. Mustafa Aydin.

After the award ceremony, ‘Our Love Karadeniz Collection’ fashion show by IAU Anadolu Bil Vocational School Fashion Design Program took place.

“15th Real Frıends Of Humanıty Award Ceremony” Took Place / November 19, 2014

The Turkish Anti-Smoking Association president Dr. Mustafa Aydin said that the association helps inform the public about the damages of cigarettes, “15 years ago in Turkey we had 30 million smokers, however this number has dropped to 20 million today.”
Attendees to the ceremony included; Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin, Istanbul City Health Principal Prof. Dr. Selami Albayrak, former minister of health and tourism Bulent Akarcali, president of the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association Dr. Mustafa Aydin, IAU Rector Prof. Dr. Yadigar Izmirli, theater and sound artist Zafer Ergin and volunteers of the association.

The opening speech was made by Dr. Mustafa Aydin. Dr. Aydin said, “Turkey is exemplary in terms of fighting against smoking. When we look back 15 years we see Turkey as a country where smoking was predominant on planes, buses, hospitals, and teacher’s lounges in schools but today we have set an example to the world. Under all of these works is the signature of our association. Our association which was formed in 1998 has been a part of the laws passed against cigarettes indoors. The effects of these works have dropped the numbers of smokers from 30 million to 20 million in the 2000s. The number of smokers in Turkey drops every passing day. I would like to thank the political parties, and TBMM and the media for their support.
“Everywhere Will Be Smoke-Free’
Dr. Mustafa Aydin stated that smoke-free areas should be renamed as life areas and added, “Once we cross the smoke-free areas debate, we will face one thing. If one person is living in an area, that area has to be a smoke-free area and it is inevitable. We first started this idea within educational and health institutions. We then carried that to closed public areas. However tomorrow, everywhere which people live in will become a smokeless area.
“From Smoking On Buses To Today”
Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin spoke of the times when smoking was permitted on public buses. “We all know how uncomfortable it was to travel cross city on a bus. Under the simmering summer sun without any air-conditioning, smokers were smoking on the buses. What we see today is that we have a fully clean transportation system. We thank our citizens for helping us in this regard.”
“25% Of Healthcare Expenditures Caused By Smoking”
Governor Sahin also informed the public by stating the statistics of healthcare expenditures on cigarettes and told the public that 25% of healthcare expenditures are caused by smoking. About 20 billion dollars spent trying to fix what cigarettes have broken. A person who works minimum wage spends 20% of his income on cigarettes. When we add all up we can see how we are being duped by cigarette firms. This is why an association such as this deserves a lot of credit and support.
“The Battle Against Cigarettes Will Continue.”
Istanbul Health Principal Prof. Dr. Selami Albayrak stated that the public and civil society organizations have achieved a great success on the battle against cigarettes. “When compared with the rest of the world we can see that our country is on a very good level. This is why we are confident to say that we have left a huge problem behind us as a nation. This situation shouldn’t create comfort for us and we must continue our battle. I thank the association for their hard work. The government, especially the ministry of health has done as much as it can with the passing of laws. There was a sharp drop in the number of smokers through the Ministry of Health. Most importantly we saved the lives of those who don’t smoke too.”
After the speeches, the awards ceremony took place. “Real Friends of Humanity Awards” was given to Istanbul City Health Principal Prof. Dr. Selami Albayrak for his works on behalf of the minister of health Dr. Mehmet Muezzinoglu. The awards went to; former Avcilar district governor and current Burdur Governor Hasan Kurklu who inspected 19,342 noncompliant businesses with smoking bans. Next award went to Dr. Toker Erguder representative of World Health Organization and tobacco use specialist; Zafer Ergin voiceover artist and therapist and movie artist Emre Ustunucar for informing and raising awareness among youth at the movie ‘Bırakmak Istiyorum’.
After the awards were given, the night continued with Recep Aktug’s concert.
In addition to our deputy President Güneri Özsoy and board members Turgay Seremet and Huseyin Basusta; Ankara University Rector Erkan Ibis, president of the Turkish Fashion and Apparel Federation Hüseyin Öztürk, the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association Antalya Representative Gursel Yurtbahar, the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association board member Zeliha Sunal were presented their certificate of apprecitions.

14th Real Frıends Of Humanıty Award Ceremony” Took Place / 21 May 2013

The annual “The True Friends of Humanity 2013 Awards” Ceremony was held this year in Cemal Reşit Rey Hall.
General President Dr. Mustafa Aydın remarked in his opening speech that the efforts to provide a smoke-free future is successfully continuing and TSSD Board members and association members thanked for their contributions.
Mr. Ahmet Deniz, İstanbul Deputy Governor and the Tobacco Control Council Chairman gave detailed information about the dangers of smoking, explained that the supervision in this regard is under strict control and that due to the new law, these supervisions became more dissuasive.
On 21 May 2013 “The True Friends of Humanity” awards were proudly presented by the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association to their recipients. The first prize winner of the interuniversity contest of scriptwriting, organized in cooperation with the Higher Education Council YÖK, with the topic “Dangers of Cigarettes” was Mr. Hüseyin Aytuğ Çelik and received his award from İAÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Yadigâr İzmirli.

13th Real Frıends Of Humanıty Award Ceremony” Took Place / 31 May 2012

The Award Ceremony of “NOT DOOMED TO SMOKE” contest was organized on 31 May 2012 in the Cemal Resit Rey which Turkish Anti Smoking Association and Ministry of Justice jointly held.
“True Friends of Humanity Awards” distributed to the owners with the ceremony that organized by Banu Noyan and hoted by Ece Vahapoglu.
True Friend of Humanity Awards
Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu presented the award to Beykoz District Governor Ergun Aydin,
Vice Minister of Justice Veysi Kaynak presented the award to Turk Telekom, General Director Sinan Cem Sahin,
Haluk Okutur, President of Simit Sarayi presented the award Dr. Evren Altinel on behalf of Prof. Dr. Osman Muftuoglu,
Guneri Ozsoy, Vice Presented of Turkish Anti Smoking Association presented the award to Cengiz Semercioglu, Turkish Anti Smoking Board Member Banu Noyan,
Mustafa Tasdemir, Istanbul Public Health Director presented the award to Posta Newspaper, Asistant Executive Editor Candas Tolga Isik,
Encouragement Awards
Av. Ali Yuksel, Member of Turkish Anti Smoking Board presented the award to Board Member Halil Erdogmus on behalf of Ebebek company,
Huseyin Basusta, Turkish Anti Smoking General Secretery presented the award to Coordinator Cagla Menderes on behalf of Melek Baykal,
Prof. Dr. Melahat Donmez, Turkish Anti Smoking Board of Member presented the award to the name of Derya Baykal,
3. Türden Yakın İlişkiler- Başlangıç adına; Yönetmeni Uğur Uludağ ve oyuncuları Barış Ataş, Melisa Doğu, Denet Şaşmaz, Doğa Rutkay, Yosi Mizrahi, Hakan Bilgin, Yağmur Kaşifoğlu, Funda Pelin Kurt’a ödülünü İstanbul Vali Yardımcısı Ahmet Deniz ve Türkiye Sigarayla Savaş Derneği Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi Ahmet Deniz,
Ahmet Deniz, Vice Governor and Turkish Anti Smoking Association Member of Board presented the award to the Manager Uğur Uludağ the name and players Baris Atas, Melisa Dogu, Demet Sasmaz, Doga Rutkay, Yosi Mizrahi, Hakan Bilgin, Yağmur Kaşifoğlu, Funda Pelin on behalf of 3. Turden İliskiler,
Prof. Dr. Melahat Donemz, Turkish Anti Smoking Board of Member and Chief Executive presented the award to Seda Akgul,
Dr. Huseyin Urlu, Turkish Anti Smoking Association Executive Member presented the award to Abdurrahman Sacakli, Head of Sanlıurfa Akcamescit,
In addition, Turkish Republic organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice “has been Authority on behlaf of the Director of Cloud Hulusi Yenisan, Picture category, the first prize of Zelda Van Rensburg Fansen Bakırkoy Women Closed Penal Institution on behalf of the Director of Deaf Hulusi, Cartoon category first prize on behlaf of the Maltepe Yaghi El Jobali Figueora L-Type Closed Prison No.3 Vural Temur Director of the Authority, Crafts Respect for the first prize in the name of Mustafa Kemal, MN Bursa H Type Closed Prison Teacher Specific Authority and Image Rights Second category winners and Maltepe open prisons Suat Taser discharged himself received the award.
Dr. Mustafa Aydin continued services with Turkish Anti Smoking Association war “NOT DOOMED TO SMOKED” contest and interpretation of the work of our association who are entitled to the first category of poetry, Yonca Evcimik, Board of Member and the dancers exhibites their performances and attracted great attention.
Before the fashion show, Istanbul Aydin Mens’ and Womens’ Traditional Black Sea Flok Dance Team students applauded by the participators.

The True Friends of Humanity Awards / 31 May 2011

The great war against smoking that prints the name of the date, Turkish Anti-Smoking Association, “True Friends of Humanity” Award Ceremony organized by the association’s partnership with the Ministry of Education, “Non-hearts Breaks” campaign awards-winning students at Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall on May 31 2011, the organization Banu Noyan by the presenter and undertaken by the Cem Kurtoğlu and Ece Pirim was a wonderful invitation.

Successfully carrying out the work of the Depatment to provide smoke-freefuture, Dr. Mustafa Aydin Turkish Anti Smoking Assıciation , this year the traditional “True Fiends of Humanity” award ceremony on May 31 “Stop Smoking Day” activities carried out within the scope.

In Addition, the 5250 high school students attending schools in 81 provinces of Turkey by the authorities and the association sent to the pre-reviews of works from 2006, selected by the jury poetry, essay and various awards were given to students entering degree in paiting.

Degrees from various provinces from 81 provinces participated in the contest entering students;

The winning students in the Composition Branch;
Nisanur Önay
Balıkesir Sırrı Yırcalı High School
Filiz Öçgel
Balıkesir Gönen High School
Evren Ermin
Konya High School
The winning students in the Poetry Branch;
1- Bahar Ergul Kocaeli Korfez Milangaz Hacer Demiröen High School with programs for
2- Ceren Burcu Tunaboylu Antalya Muratpaşa High School
3- Abdurrahim Akyuz Anatolian Teacher Training High School of Erzincan Milliyet
The winning students in the paiting brach;
1- Betül Kılıç Technical and Vocational High School for Girls Sivas
2- Karina Matchanova Zonguldak Eregli High School
3- Eda Kurnaz Zeytinburnu ISE Technical and Vocational High School Girl
Performance of the Umut Akyürek and Istanbul Aydın University, “The Secret of the beginning can: Urfa Göbekli Tepe” many distinguished guest attended the fashion show with colorful night.
On Behalf of Haberturk Newspaper, General Director
On Behalf of Channel 24 TV, General Director
Avea Inc. CEO
Eczacibasi Inc. CEO
Gülben ERGEN
Artist- Sports
CEO of the Interling
Mustafa SARIGÜL Sisli Mayor
Demet SABANCI President of Fashion TV


Turkish Anti-Smoking Association proudly organized the “True Friends of Humanity Awards” on 4 June 2010 in Cadir Palace.

The organization was made by Banu Noyan, and Didem Taslan hosted the event

True Friends of Humanity Awards”

  • The deceased lawyer, Celal Sezgin’s family, received the award from İstanbul Asst. Governor Ali Kazgan and Bakırköy District Official Dursun Ali Şahin.
  • Assistant Governor Harun Kaya presented the award to Personnel Manager Prof. Dr. Nihat Tosun on behalf of Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Recep Akdağ,
  • Dr. Mustafa Aydin presented an award to RTUK Chairman Prof. Dr. Davut Dursun, on Behalf of RTÜK,
  • TSSD Vice President Güneri Özsoy gave an award to Gulin Sarpel on behalf of Sertap Erener,
  • TSSD Board Member Turgay Seremet presented an award to Assistant Governor Ali Kazgan, who took the award on behalf of Istanbul Assistant Governor and Chairman of City Tobacco Control Council Ahmet Aydin.
  • TSSD Istanbul Chairman Akif Koksel gave an award to Muammer Erturk, who volunteerly quit smoking.

“Social Responsibility Pioneers Awards”

  • On behalf of the producers of the TV series “Turk Mali” received their award from Romanian Ambassador Traian Chebeleu and TSSD General Secretary Huseyin Basusta.
  • Deniz Oral received the award on behalf of TV series “Papatyam” from TSSD Board Member Turgay Seremet
  • On behalf of the host of TV programme “Doktorum”, Zahide Yetiş received the award from TSSD General Secretary Huseyin Basusta,

TSSD continues to do great work with the President Dr. Mustafa Aydin and they brought together many famous names of business, art and politics on the eleventh İnsanlığın Gerçek  Dostları (True Friends of Humanity) award ball.

Kent Orchestra gave a concert during the event and Tanju Babacan’s fashion show with famous models drew a lot of attention.

Rana Alagoz got on the stage with ” Duman Avcıları” (Smoke Hunters), and later Tugba Ozay entertains people with her songs from her new album.

31 May Tobacco Free Day “Kucukcekmece is Cleaning The Cigarette Stubs” / 31 May 2010

20 million people in Turkey and 13 billion people in the world are smoking. Smoking related deaths are around 7 million. Experts warn about the many dangers of smoking, On 31 May 2010, with participation of TSSD, Kucukcekmece Municipality, Kucukcekmece City Council, Youth Council and with the participation of 1000 students, an event was held in Cennet District, Hurriyet street, called the  “Kucukcekmece is cleaning the cigarette stubs” event. The participants cleaned all the stubs in the area.

31 May Tobacco Free Day on Women’s Day / 30 May 2010

On 30 May 2010, T.C. Istanbul Governance organized a walk starting from Galatasaray High School between 11:00–12:00 with the participation of 3000–5000 people-primary school students, women’s branches of non-profit organisations and political parties, along with healthcare personnel. The walk ended at Taksim Square with the declaration of  “World Tobacco Free Women’s Walk Day”.

10th Anniversary of The Turkish Anti-Smoking Association was Celebrated In Günay Restaurant. They got “The True Friends of Humanity”awards / 28 May 2009

The award of “The True Friends of Humanity” were given in Gunay Restaurant on 28 May, 2009, on the 10th anniversary of our Association.

The awards were presented to “The True Friends of Humanity” by Turkish Anti-Smoking Association. The event started with the speech of the President of the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association. Dr. Mustafa Aydin, who thanked everyone for fighting against smoking, which is the greatest enemy of mankind.

Mustafa Sarigul, The Mayor of Sisli; Ibrahim Sahin, The Head of TRT; Bingur Sonmez, The Dean of the Heart Surgery Department of Memorial Hospital; Aziz Yildirim, Director of Fenerbahce Sports Club; and Aydin Dogan, The Head of the Board of Trustees of Dogan Holding were presented the award of “The True Friends of Humanity) this year. Acun Ilicali, Tv Show producer and Host, Best FM Radio Statition; Yilmaz Morgul, Singer; Tan Sagturk, Ballet Dancer; Tugba Ozay, Model; Ozlem Kristal A.S. and Istanbul Aydin University Faculty of Fine Arts were presented the award of “The Pioneers of the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association”.

The Former Health Minister Bulent Akarcali and businessman Ayhan Bermek, and guests attended the night which was presented by the model Tugba Ozay. After the music show which was done by the Tayla Koray Orchestra, the guests listened to the songs of Yilmaz Morgul and Selcuk Alagoz. Also the exhibition, prepared by Istanbul Aydin University, opened under the foyer of Gunay Restaurant, gathered great interest.

True Friends of Humanity / 27 October 2008

As a traditional awards ball every year at the establishment anniversary of our association, “True Friends of Humanity” took place on 27 October 2008 in Harbiye Military Museum Hall.

The ceremony ended with emotional and poigant moments with the attendance of Chairman of Turkish Parliament Koksal Toptan, Health Committee Chairman of the Turkish National Assembly and AK Party Trabzon Senator Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdol, Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas, artist Orhan Gencebay, famous cartoonist Salih Memecan and other significant political,  bureaucracy, arts, sports, business guests.

31th May World Anti-Smoking Day/ Year of 2007

An activity was held on 31th May World Anti-Smoking Day in Dolmabahçe Palace, with the hosting of Governor Muammer Güler. We had an unforgettable night with our exclusive guest by the Bosphorus on the dock of Dolmabahçe Palace. One of our most prestigious guests was the Governor of Istanbul, Muammer Guler.  TSSD President Aydin presented the award of “The True Friend of Mankind” to Muammer Guler. The members of the Board of Directors were presented a appreciation plaque by President Aydin.

31th May World Anti-Smoking Day / Year of 2006

The 2006 theme of the 31 May, World Non-Smoking Day was “educating the dangers of smoking to the children and youth”. The themes are determined by WHO every year.