The ceremony organized who attend the Former Environment and Forestry Minister  Osman Pepe, by around 1000 guests, students and Smoke Hunters. The primary education students raised awareness in Bahçelievler. The seminars were gave in all primary schools with the cooperation Kartal Municipality and our assosication. The Smoke Hunters theatres was shown, Cüneyt Arkın, the mayor of Kartal Arif Dağlar, the Board Member Selçuk Alagöz and The Smoke Hunters took place together in the opening ceremony of this program. Also, in the cooperation we have done with Çekmeköy and Zeytinburnu Municipality, seminars were organized in all the primary schools in Çekmeköy and Zeytinburnu provinces.

Dr. Aydın said “Some private organizations are violating the law and our young people are leading to the wrong way.” The important thing is education in there. We are facing these violations because we dont have made enogh awaraness against to the cigarette for our people and our students, controls play an active role in the countries where low education level. Therefore, we should not be tolerant when our district governors who hold the control mechanism and our law enforcement officers determine the places they are supervised. It must fullfill the punishment stipulated by the law. Unfortunately, despite serious audits, the penalty rate is around one percent. For example, 346 thousand 791 companies were inspected and 4,907 in them violations were detected in 2015,Turkey.


“Another important issue is buffets where especially sell the cigarettes to the our young childrens. These places wink at the death of our youngs to earn   some money into their pockets. We need to be involved in this mobilization all together, including education and health institutions. However, we can reach the conclusion as long as the parents or community leaders are sensitive to this issue. Also, schools need to initiate educational programs against tobacco and tobacco products. It is necessary to make seminars about the real face of cigarettes where people are collectively located such as coffeehouse, companies and public institutions and visual and written media to be used more effectively in order to explain what makes the real face of cigarettes in economic, social, health and genetic terms in certain periods. For example, messages can be given at the prime time of televisions or on a corner of the newspapers, indicating ‘where the cigarette carries the humanity and creates destruction.For those who want to quit smoking but want to reach smoking cessation centers, communication information can also be shown effectively. “


As a country waiting to be successful in the Olympics, it has been held at the Sheraton Hotel in Ankara between 10-12 March 2015 with the participation of persons and organizations from Public Institutions and Organizations, Universities, Civil Society Organizations, Press ,YÖK, Deputy Chairman, Güneri Özsoy and Board Member Yakup Kırtay attended to represent our association to the Sports Workshop for Everyone for an active and happy society.


Istanbul Governor’s Office and Silivri Chief Public Prosecution Office initiated a project under the leadership of Turkısh Anti-Smoking Association which it has an important place among Civil Society Organizations, which gave very important messages about the requirements of social responsibility to the community with their projects, as a resulf of the person who struggle with asthma in Number 6 L Type Closed Prison. The prisoners now have the right to remain in their own ward where the tobacco products are not used.

In the events that have occurred on June 23, 2010 describing the harmful effects of smoking Turkish Anti-Smoking Association Chairman Dr. Mustafa Aydın said ” If a country in the 21st century wants to make another country dependent on it, it means to start smoking its people, its youth, its children. Smoking is the largest colonial tool of the 21st century. I address to the government elders and members of the judiciary: Please don’ t be deceived.”

Istanbul Deputy Governor, Ahmet Aydın mentioned that will take an example step to the whole world and Turkey with the project to provide healtiher environment for non-smoking prisoners by defining they came together for a very important event in the opening was attended by volunteer inmates. Aydın as President of the Province Tobacco Control Board added “Since the cessation law was enacted, 80 thousand inspections were made in Istanbul . There is no problem with 97 percent. Everyone obey the law. Smoking is not allowed in closed spaces. But there is a problem  with %3. when we first arrived we had 350 auditing teams, now it’s up to 750. A thousand people were punished  within the scope of these inspections.”

Chief Public Prosecutor, Orhan Usta said  that prison administration and prison conditions acted with the understanding that they should not intensify the suffering that this situation involves because imprisonment and arrest  is a spontaneous punishment because of the lack of liberty.

Chief Prosecutor said that “A total of 10 wards were allocated as non-smoking wards in each of our penal execution institutions, we will continue to increase the number of wards as we receive requests from prisoners and prisoners ” by giving information about the smoke-free period of wards they organized.

Usta told reviewed that Law on the Prevention of Tobacco Product Losses No. 5727, Management of Penal Execution Institutions and Execution of Punishment and Security Measures of matters left to the discretion of the administration in favor of detainees and prisoners by looking from a large window to the Regulation on provisions  with this understanding.

The plaque was awarded to the public for the realization and propagation of this project. İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Orchestra Turkish Folk Music, Turkish Art Music and Mehter Group offered concert.